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Dear First Year Me...

September 7th, 2020

Dear first year self,

As I look around the room I see all the people that have impacted my life. I notice some old faces and some new faces; but no matter what they have always been there for me. Going back in time to that very first day I stepped foot in McMaster; new school, new city and all alone. What would I say to myself?

I think what I have realized in the last four years is that I need to stop stressing and overthinking EVERY aspect of my life. The past four years have been a lot. And I have overcome so many obstacles and challenges. By being open to new challenges and opportunities I was able to create experiences and memories for myself that I would never forget; Australia being one of them.

The one advice I remember receiving before starting university was a saying, “your vibe attracts your tribe”. This saying has been something that I have always said in the back of my mind before starting a new experience, meeting new people or even in any social setting. The idea that the energy that I put out there into the world is what I receive back is something I strive to keep in mind.

I can’t believe I am almost done university! It feels like just yesterday I walked into McMaster not knowing a single person. Now I have an amazing group of individuals who have helped me become the person I am today. Although this chapter of my life may be ending, I am about to start a whole other chapter. I can only take this advice for the future, but also share what I have learned with others. I know it may seem difficult at first but when you come to this point, everything will be worth it.

Take new challenges. Take those opportunities. Take a chance.

All my love,

Your fourth year self xx

Shasni Pathirana,

Level 4 Honours Multimedia and Minor in Peace Studies

McMaster University

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